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Simbell Wireless
What do i do if I have a problem ? (let’s get this one out of the way !) Our church does not have a lot of money so investing in a simulator is a significant purchase, what guarantees .

We offer a “Cast Iron Guarantee” on the SIMBELL system

Very simply ( we don’t do complicated ) , let’s look at two scenarios. 1. You purchase the SIMBELL system and within 12 months, you have a problem with one of the components, you contact us, we provide an RMA reference, you then send the unit back to us with a copy of your invoice, we will repair or replace it and then return it to you. 2. You decide that the system does not meet your expectations. In this case. contact us, we will provide you with a RMA number, you then arrange to return the working units with your invoice and provide us with feedback as to how the system failed to meet your expectations, and we will refund your purchase price in full. There are no catches, no small print, just a cast iron guarantee of your peace of mind.

Is the system portable?

Our tower is part of a group and we train in different churches, is the SIMBELL system portable so we can easily move it from tower to tower.

Yes, it is portable compared to a wired system

As generally you would not permanently mount the transmitters on the bell frame, you can use Velcro (hook and loop) ties to secure the transmitters and battery pack and then it would take seconds to install and remove the transmitters. As there are no wires there is little more to do. If you are moving from tower to tower then we suggest that you purchase some additional reflectors and leave these in place, we can provide these or you can obtain them yourselves, tests suggest that WHITE reflective strip works best

Can you install for us?

We don’t know if we have the ability to install the system, do you offer a service to come to our tower and install for us ?

We don’t offer an installation service at this time

We do not offer an installation service at this time, however we are confident that the system is so easy to install and setup, that anyone who is practical can do so. We are currently producing some instructional videos that show the whole installation process which shows you how easy it is to install.

Is the system compatible with other Simulator Software?

We have Abel , Virtual Belfry or Beltower Simulator software, can we use Simbell as the external Bell Interface (MBI) ?

We have tested and used the SIMBELL system with Abel

The SIMBELL system is compatible with the current version of Abel ( ), Virtual Belfry ( and BelTower ( but there are a couple of settings that are required for it to work. SIMBELL does not store the delays within the sensors like the Multibell Interface from David Bagley so the setting for MBI Delays should be turned off and the delays handled by the Abel or Virtual Belfry Simulator Software. We have produced videos on the setup of the SIMBELL Hardware with Abel, Virtual Belfry and Beltower and these are available in the Video’s section of this website.

Can we use more than one transmitter and reciever at the same time ?

We want to teach multiple people simultaneously without one hearing the other, is this possible.

Not “out of the box” .. but we have a custom solution

The retail units will not allow multiple receivers at the same time, even if they are using different laptops, this is because of the encryption used within the transmission protocols, however if you need a number of such “pairs” of units, we can set these up for you so they don’t interfere as custom units. If this is of interest, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements in detail.

Do we need an electrician to install the system?

We have been asked if we need to have a qualified electrician to install the system as there must be power involved and we don’t have power in our Belfry? There is no legal requirement as it is Low Voltage All power in the Belfry is provided by a 12V Rechargable Battery and therefore a qualified electrician is not required by law, however you should consult your Church PCC or Governing body to check that they are happy for you to install yourself. Local rules in your Church may stipulate that you need to use an electrician for such work. We have been told that many Churches have a local electrician who would be more than happy to help out with the wiring if required.

What laptop do we need ?

We have been offered an old laptop, what specification do we need to run the SIMBELL software?

Most laptops that are 5 years or less will work

The system requires Windows 7 or higher so if your laptop has this operating system then it should be fine, please note that we do not recommend Tablets with ATOM Processors, they are just too slow to be reliable in most cases. The best way would be to download and install the software and see what happens, if you have problems with the sounds being triggered inconsistently then it could be that the Laptop is under powered. We test on Core i3 / i5 and i7 Processors on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

What Rechargable Battery Pack do we need ?

We want to get our own battery pack, what specification is required.

Battery Packs for use with SIMBELL

You need to have a 12v Rechargable Battery pack that can provide a minimum of 800mA / Hr , The connector to the Transmitter(s) is a 5.5 / 2.1mm DC Connector similar to that used with CCTV, we chose these deliberately as they are inexpensive and adapters for multiple connections are readily available.

Do I need a Battery Pack for the receiver ?

We have a 12v Mains Adapter will this work for the receiver.

Powering the SIMBELL Reciever

If your Laptop has a high output USB port ( often called a charging port ) then in many cases this will be good enough to power the receiver with no additional power requirements, however on older laptops or if you need maximum range, then this can be achieved by plugging in either a rechargable battery pack ( the same as the one used for the transmitters ) or using a 12V DC 1A or higher Mains Power Adapter

Can we leave the transmitters switched on all the time ?

We are using a 12V Mains Adapter, can we leave this switched on

Power control

We strongly recommend that you power OFF the transmitters when they are not in use, if you have a battery powering them, then you will need to recharge it so will power down in any case, however if you have a 12V adapter then you shoudl turn this off for several reasons. Safety - you should never leave devices powered on and unattended Cost / Enviroment - leaving them powered will be wasting electricity and costing you money Damage - The components are not rated or designed for 24/7 use so leaving them on will shorten the product life

What is the polarity of the DC Power socket in the Transmitter and Receiver ?

We have a 12v supply, how do we know whether it is correctly polarised + and -.

Power Supply settings

It is really important that the polarity of the power supply you use (whether battery or Mains adapter) is correct. The supply needs to be a Positive Pin and Negative Ring. You can see this on the label for most power supplies and they will show an image like the one below: This is correct the + points to the centre pin BEWARE: CONNECTION WITH THE INCORRECT POLARITY MAY DAMAGE THE UNIT AND IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY If in ANY doubt, send a photograph of the adapter you are wishing to use to us and we will try and assist you, make sure you get a clear image of the label on the adapter.

Can we use a MAC Computer ?

We have a MAC Laptop available, will this work ?.

The software is for Windows Only at this time

We will be developing the SIMBELL software for the MAC and also possibly for Android Devices, however at this time you can only use it with Windows. It may be possible to run the software under one of the Virtual Machine Hosts on a MAC where the client is a Windows machine but this is untested ( if you do try this, please let us know how you get on )

Will the system interfere with local radio signals ?

We are in close proximity to local houses, will the radio signal used by SIMBELL interfere with local services.

It has been designed to not interfere

The SIMBELL System uses the 2.4Ghz Radio frequency which is common for WiFi and IOT Devices, however we have used a channel that is high on the spectrum so that we don’t interfere with other devices, but more important other devices don’t interfere with our system. The 2.4Ghz frequency also gives the best coverage and penetration through the building from Belfry to Ringing Chamber.

We have a metal bell frame that disrupts the signal can we use aerial extensions?

If you need to then there is no problem with this.

The aerial connections are SMA and standard, if you need to extend the aerial to get it to a better position then this is no problem, however keep the length of the extension as short as possible as longer cables reduce the power output, in other words don’t use a 3m extension when a 0.5m one will do the desired job.

Frequently Asked Questions

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