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YOUR SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT WHEN WORKING WITHIN A TOWER. RULE #1 : NEVER WORK ALONE - ASK ANOTHER PERSON TO ACCOMPANY YOU. We have to mention that working within a tower and particularily the Belfry can be dangerous and as such you should follow some basic rules as well as discussing with you PCC / Governing body the Church/Diocese Policy on working within the Church Building. We have listed some basic advice below: 1. Never work alone 2. Tell others you are in the Belfry 3. Never work in the Belfry with the Bells “UP” 4. Never attempt to physically lift a bell 5. Ensure all cables are securely tied with no loose cables 6. Ensure Battery Packs are secured to the Bell Frame 7. Check clearance of all transmitters to the bell wheel - you can have clearance of 50mm or more without losing detection 8. Beware of trailing cables in the Ringing Chamber 9. Any new mains cabling or alteration needs testing and certification by a qualified electrician 10. Do not dispose of rechargeable batteries except in approved recycling Be Safe ! Stay Safe ! Ring Safe !

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