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Purchasing your Simulator Hardware is easy. 1. Decide how many transmitters you require - You can start with just one transmitter and then add to the system later. if you are purchasing just one transmitter, by default it will be for Bell 1 (Treble) if you would like it for a different bell then please indicate this in your order. If you are adding to an existing system then please let us know the bell number you require. 2. Add a Receiver - You must have a receiver, you only need one receiver to work with multiple transmitters. 3. Decide if you want to purchase a Rechargeable Battery Pack - We can supply one or more battery packs for your transmitters, but if you wish to source these yourself then thats fine, please read the information in the FAQ page on these to make sure that you get the correct connections and voltages. 4. Decide if you want to purchase any other optional extras - additional reflectors, cable, connectors or hook/loop ties to make your installation easy. You can now visit our store below and select and pay, under normal circumstances, if ordering for delivery in the UK, your system will be with you within 7 days from order, orders from outside the UK will take longer but we will keep you informed as your delivery progresses. If you wish to pay via Bank Transfer, then please contact us and we will provide information on this. Please note that we dispatch units only when cleared funds are available.

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Purchasing your Simulator
Wireless Easy Installation / Portable Low Cost 12 Month “Cast Iron Guarantee” Practice anytime Abel & Virtual Belfry Compatible
Prices start from  under £150.00 for a basic transmitter / receiver set ! Read some comments from other users .. We have secured a supply of Refurbished Intel Core i5 / 8Gb Laptops with 3 Year Hardware Warranty - from only  £250  Contact us for details