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YOUR SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT WHEN WORKING WITHIN A TOWER. RULE #2 : NEVER WORK WITH THE BELLS UP Obviously one of the major benefits of a simulator is that you can ring without the bells sounding externally but of course to do this, you need to tie the clappers of the bells. you wish to use There are numerous articles on the internet of some very elaborate and very clever ways of holding the clappers in the same position so that they don’t strike the bell. In our tower we have used a method found on the Internet by Peter Dale which also has the advantage of recycling old rope and rubber and cost us nothing more than some silver gaffer tape and some electrical tape. We now have a simple method of tying the clappers in a few minutes. The original page can be found at the following link: We made some minor adjustments and simply used 3 interlocking loops, 2 of rope and one in the middle of an old bike inner tube we got from a local cycle shop (note that Mountain Bike inner tubes are best - we carefully cut out the valves as well but leaving as small a hole as possible). We found it easier to put the loops over the clapper above the ball and this is working fine, we have made them for each bell and they have the added advantage of keeping the clapper central which gives the best feel of the bell when ringing. Because each tie is a different size, we have marked them with bands of electrical tape indicating the bell number that they have been made for.

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